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Player VS. Player

3D Fighting Game on the Blockchain!

Player VS. Player
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Securely Own Your 3D Game Assets

What the game is and game mechanics explained

CryptoFights was created to bring an action packed 3d game using a premier game engine on the ethereum blockchain. We imagined creating heroes & items that could be owned by the players and used in a battle arena with economic incentives to win. Competitive strategy takes root when you have to figure out how best to equip your hero to challenge another opponent. Defeating your opponent gives you rewards such as leveling up to access stronger and more powerful weapons.

CryptoFights plans to add more hero races, more items, and more game enhancements such as tournaments. Please support us by entering the arena.

Why this game was created

Collectibles and ponzi games are not going to last and keep players entertained. Our team wanted to create a high quality game that was both exciting to play and offered players the ability to freely trade their game items with others. These economic incentives help fund the CryptoFights community for further enhancements in the future.

Where the game is played

The game takes place both within your web browser and on the ethereum blockchain via smart contracts. Our games logic is contained in these smart contracts to keep the game verifiable, fair, and open. The evolving ethereum blockchain would also offer further enhancements to the game in the future.

Become a Champion in the Battle Arena!

How to Play?

Before You Start: You will need metamask, which is a browser plugin that will bridge the ethereum blockchain with your web browser so you can play easily and securely.

A desktop web browser such as chrome or firefox. *Mobile is currently not supported yet.

Ether(ETH) needs to be loaded on your metamask wallet to approve transactions. You can fund your wallet in metamask with buying from coinbase, transfering from another wallet, or any other exchange. Just simply send ETH to your wallet address.

Female Elf Elf Ranger

Are you ready to enter the Battle Arena?

Here you will be able to challenge opponents with your equipped hero.

Battle Arena Rules


Heroes enter the battle arena with an equipped weapon and armor set if they choose. Equipping weapons and armor increase the heroes abilities and defense.


Each round is based on random numbers generated by both players. These random numbers seed the games logic engine to determine how the heroes fight in each round.


Initiative Roll: Turns are decided with a dice roll for initiative. Certain races have bonuses added to this roll to give them a better chance of going first.


Attack Roll: The player going first rolls an attack roll. This determines if the attack will hit the opponent.


Damage Roll: If there is a hit then another dice is rolled to determine how much damage to inflict.


Explore the game to learn how to perform critical hits, duel wielding, weapon & armor types, and epic level loot.


Dexterity and ability to have fine motor skills. Add points into this to increase damage with agility weapons plus increase your chance at dodging and critical hits.


Pure force and power you can put out. Add points to this attribute to increase damage to your opponent with strength based weapons.


Your HP growth when leveling up. Add more points to this to increase the rate of hit points added for each level your hero gains.


Getting Started
What do I need to play CryptoFights?
  • You will need a computer or labtop running the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox.
  • MetaMask, a digital ethereum wallet used for web apps.
  • Ether, a form of digital payment that powers CryptoFights
How to install MetaMask?
  • To use CryptoFights you will need to install MetaMask to hold your heroes and items.
  • Note: A digital wallet like MetaMask acts like a bank account that holds all your heroes and items. Treat it with respect and make sure you back up your seed words. Those seed words allow you to recreate your wallet anywhere if you lose access to your PC.
Why is MetaMask locked?
How do I purchase ETH to play?
  • FOR US CITIZENS ONLY: You can buy ether(ETH) in MetaMask. ETH is a digital currency that enables our game to run. Just click the buy button and select coinbase to purchase with US dollars or use shapeshift if you want to convert other digital currencies into ether(ETH). (Show Walkthrough)
  • If you have another digital currency you can visit to convert into ETH.
How to send ETH to MetaMask
  • If you already have ether(ETH) located in another digital wallet and you want to send it to your MetaMask wallet you just need to copy your wallet address to receive the ether from your other account. (Show walkthrough)
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Buying & Selling Heroes
How do I create a hero?
  • After you have ETH in your MetaMask wallet you should goto ( to load up the game client. Then you would navigate to the create a hero section to start assembling your hero.
How do I sell my hero?
  • You can sell your hero in the item marketplace. Select the hero you want to sell and the price you want for it and list it. Its as simple as that.
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Item Marketplace
What is the Item Marketplace?
  • The item marketplace is where you can buy and sell your weapons, armor, and heroes.
Can I sell my items?
  • Yes. You can sell as many items as you own for any price you want.
How do I buy items for my hero?
  • Browse the item marketplace for items that will fit your hero. Keep in mind that your hero level dictates what item you can equip.
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What exactly is CryptoFights?
Whats the big deal about CryptoFights?
  • CryptoFights is one of the worlds first turn based 3D games to be built on blockchain technology- The same breakthrough that makes things like Bitcoin and Ethereum possible. Bitcoin and Ethereum are cryptocurrencies but CryptoFights allows you to collect heroes and items that are cryptocollectibles. You can buy, sell, or trade your CryptoFights heroes like it was a physical object. The ownership is secured on the ethereum blockchain and tracked automatically when you transfer ownership.
Does it cost money to play?
  • Yes, CryptoFights uses real cryptocurrency to maintain scarcity of heroes and items.
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Battle Arena
What is the Battle Arena?
  • The battle arena is the core of our game. You can take your hero and equip with weapons and armor of your choosing and then challenge our players to a battle. You will then enter the arena for a fight to the death. The battle is decided by how you configured your hero (hero stats and item stats) along with random dice rolls, similar to Dungeons & Dragons. You can watch these battles play out in 3D to see all the exciting attacks and dodges. If you are the winner you will get a treasure chest. Open the treasure chest to acquire a new item to add into your inventory. Each battle that you win you will gain XP (experience points). Gain enough XP and you will level up your hero which gives you more attribute points to make your hero more powerful. Challenge higher level opponents for bigger rewards. You can then take your items and sell them in the marketplace for profit. You can also place a wager on a match for the ultimate reward.
Is there any penalty for losing matches?
  • Yes, you will lose XP.
How do I challenge another player to a match?
  • Simply enter the battle arena and you have two options.
  • You can equip your hero to enter the area and make yourself available for challenges.
  • You can find other heroes that are available for battles and challenge them.
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Future Updates
What kind of new features are coming?
  • Tournaments, new hero races, new weapons & armor, new animations, sound effects and more.
Do you have a mailing list?
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Phase 1
  • Hero Creation Wizard (COMPLETED)
Phase 2
  • Battle Arena CORE
  • Match making for battles
Phase 3
  • Armory - Sell weapons, armor, and heroes on the marketplace
Phase 4
  • Level up your hero
  • Earn XP and loot
Phase 5
  • Porting to mobile app
Phase 6
  • More hero races
  • More game polishing
  • Sounds and animations

Our Team

Adam Kling | Founder and Project Coordinator

Adam Kling

Founder and Project Coordinator
David Case | Smart Contract Lead Engineer

David Case

Backend Architect and Engineer
Abel Dantas | Unity3D Game Developer

Abel Dantas

Game Designer and Unity C# Developer